The Alberta Baton Twirling Association (ABTA) is the sport governing body for baton twirling in the province of Alberta and is a member of the Canadian Baton Twirling Federation (CBTF).

The ABTA is able to assist athletes in their pursuit of excellence in baton twirling. ABTA is a non-profit organization operated by a dedicated Board of Directors with representatives from each region in the province.

ABTA is dedicated to growth and development of the sport of baton twirling and its athletes. It offers competition at local, regional, provincial, national and international levels. The role of the ABTA is one of provincial coordination, club support and development and financial assistance.


The Alberta Baton Twirling Association (ABTA) has been the sport governing body for baton twirling in the province of Alberta, Canada since 1971.​


Baton twirling is an excellent way of maintaining good health and fitness. It provides an opportunity for recreation, competition and social contact. The sport also offers leadership opportunities in training and promotion.

Baton Twirling is a sport requiring grace, coordination, concentration and strength. It is for fun, fitness or relaxation. It allows for personal achievement in recreation or competition as an athlete, coach, judge or administrator. It includes individual, small and large group participation for competitions and performances. There are various levels of achievement that can be obtained, from beginner to elite.

Many of our athletes start baton twirling at a young age. They belong to clubs in their own communities and practice with their coaches for events throughout Alberta and Canada. Many of the young athletes grow up to be coaches and judges for the sport of baton twirling and encourage others to get involved.

    • To promote baton twirling as an outstanding recreational activity for youth in Alberta.
    • To foster the value of sportsmanship, teamwork and dedication to the sport.
    • To provide lines of communication between local, provincial and national bodies.
    • To create a greater awareness of the sport of baton twirling to current and future athletes and the public in such a manner that would enhance the growth of the sport.
    • To encourage high standards of coaching and conduct of participants.


ABTA provides information to members regarding the sport. It organizes events, workshops and clinics for athletes, coaches and judges. As well, ABTA is involved in developing and refining badge programs, competitions, sport outreach clinics, camps and funding through scholarships and grants.

ExecutiveTechnical CommitteeRegion Chairpersons
Chairperson – Candy TedfordTechnical Chairperson – Jenna JemieffCentral Region Chairperson – Mike Maes
Past Chairperson – Bonnie BrinkerCoaches Rep – Alyssa CrispinNorthern Region Chairperson – Craig Curran-Morton
Vice Chairperson – Ray ChoyJudges Rep – Natalie FehresParkland Region Chairperson – Nicole Witcher
Treasurer – Shannon MauroAthletes Rep – Brooke Mauro
Secretary – Donnalea FergusonGroup Rep – Loranne MeekMember at Large
Skills Development Program Rep – Taelyr PattonDarren Epp

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