The ABTA  Return to Train Plan document and its supporting resources are intended to help you, our ABTA member clubs, create and implement your own COVID-19 Return to Train strategies and was developed in accordance with Government of Alberta and Alberta Health Services guidelines and public health orders. It includes requirements that clubs must implement as part of their reopening strategy to ensure the safe, responsible, and low-risk delivery of operations, training, and programs. 

We can appreciate how excited clubs are to re-open. However, please be sure that your club is ready for this next step. Read the Return to Train document thoroughly and ensure you are adhering to all requirements. It is also strongly recommended that clubs consider a staged approach to re-entry so you can properly retrain your coaches and volunteers with the new protocols. Baton will look very different as we begin this stage and all members will need to proceed with caution and certainty that all requirement protocols are in place.

We call on everyone involved – administrators, coaches, athletes, volunteers, families, and the broader community – to take individual responsibility and respect the health of those around you.

We look forward to getting back to our sport!


REVISED – March 1, 2022 – ABTA Covid-19 Policy
Covid Guidelines – effective September 2021


Alberta Health Checklist for children under 18 and adults over 18 years – September 2021
COVID-19 Info for Albertans
COVID-19 Symptoms

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