Baton Twirling Foundations Coaching Course (Practical Portion)

Course Explanation:

Pre-Requisites: You must complete the Baton Twirling Foundations online THEORY course before taking this PRACTICAL course. Please purchase the THEORY Course through the CBTF Store:

Practical Course Description: This is a one-day, in-class course instructed by a Course Conductor. Here, you will dive deeper into some of the lessons that you studied online. You will also spend time “hands-on” with batons – learning how to teach contact material.
There will also be a portion of the day spent actually teaching students the elements from the Skills Development Program and the Pre-Competitive Standard Routines (Level I & II). At this level, you must be able to demonstrate that you can execute the skills as well
as effectively teach the skills. The practical portion can be a little intimidating, so try to prepare yourself in advance. Take the opportunity to practice teach some of the skills to members of your twirling club, your twirling friends, or in front of the mirror.

Once you successfully complete the PRACTICAL portion of the course, you are considered a “Foundations Trained” coach. At this point, you are eligible to begin teaching classes, keeping in touch with and seeking advice from your mentor coach.

Additional Information: Over the following year (or longer as needed), the “Foundations Trained” coach should complete their NCCP requirements, and build their coaching portfolio in preparation for their formal evaluation. “Foundations Trained” coaches will be working with Recreational Athletes as well as athletes in the Pre-Competitive Program Levels I & II (although it’s likely that their focus will be on Level I).

National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) training is the third stage in becoming fully certified at the Baton Twirling Foundations level. If your province offers the NCCP Courses as a ‘bundle’, you must obtain “NCCP Part A”. If your province offers the NCCP Course as individual sessions, you must obtain “Making Ethical Decisions (MED)”, “Planning a Practice”, and “Nutrition”.

The fourth and final stage to becoming fully certified is the EVALUATION. In the year after you have become TRAINED, you will begin to build your Coaching Portfolio. Your coaching portfolio will include:

  • Coach Profile (template will be provided)
  • Program Description (template will be provided
  • Lesson Plans (template will be provided)
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Activities (template will be provided)

Once your coaching portfolio is submitted, an on-site visit will be scheduled. A Coaching Evaluator will attend one of your classes to evaluate your coaching skills. It may also be possible to submit a video of you coaching your class (instructions to be developed).

A coach who has successfully completed the NCCP requirements and passed the EVALUATION CONTENT is considered “Foundations Certified”.


Baton Twirling Foundations Practical Course – $75.00 (course, exams/evaluation)

Seminar Only – $25.00 (course only – no exams/evaluation)

*** Seminar only is for coaches and judges who are already certified and would like to take the course as an update. There are no exams when taking ‘seminar only’

**** The course will be cancelled if there are low course registrations.

Payment: E-transfer registration fees to ABTA:

Course Materials:

Please bring the following with you to the PRACTICAL course:

  • Laptop or tablet or phone (you will need to access the internet during the course)
  • Notebook and pen if you choose to take notes on paper instead of your computer
  • Baton
  • Lunch
  • Questions for your course conductor regarding the Theory portion of the course
  • Please wear appropriate coaching attire, you will be interacting with students

The attendees should have knowledge of the current Pre-Competitive events and know the updates that are effective January 1, 2022. The new CBTF Pre-Event standard routine demonstrations are on the CBTF YouTube channel and must be viewed before the course.


Attendees must view the changes to the CBTF Skills Development Program that will be effective January 1, 2022. The video can be watched on the CBTF YouTube channel.


Attendees must download the updated CBTF Pre Competitive Event Handbook from the CBTF website to have available during the course. 

*** If you are unable to access this handbook, please ensure that you have a current technical membership and have registered with CBTF for the ‘technical member access’ to the CBTF website.


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